Helsinki is one of Finland’s most historic cities. Today part of the richest country in Europe, Helsinki has quickly become a popular tourist attraction and is just as well known for its famous east-meets- west architecture as it is for its unique architecture. There are many historical sites in and around Helsinki as well as plenty of places to eat.

Most visitors to Helsinki come to view and explore the many historic cities and villages that can be visited within the city. These include the picturesque town of Tampere, which sits upon the Gulf of Finland.

If you’re interested in learning more about Finland’s rich history, there are museums, historical buildings, and even a historic airport in Helsinki. This is the main airport for the country of Finland, and it is one of the busiest in the world. There is also an international airport nearby as well. With so much to see, do and experience, there is no reason why you cannot make your trip to Helsinki more enjoyable by taking in the sights and sounds in the city.

It doesn’t take long to travel through the city to see some of its historic history and architecture. The main streets in the city are named after famous figures such as Alexander Nevsky and Mikko Isohanni. The streets are quite narrow and many tourists love them as they allow them to explore a city that has been very successful at commercialization. Many of the most impressive buildings in the city have been constructed from local materials.

There are also a number of other historic buildings in the city that offer visitors with a glimpse into the history as well. Some of these include the beautiful Church of St. Nicholas in Lappeenranta, the oldest church in Finland.

There is an abundance of shopping options available for history lovers. One of the main streets in Helsinki is called Vasaala Street. Here you’ll find a variety of shops that sell souvenirs and traditional antiques. You can also find some great shops specializing in unique clothing and accessories. As you travel further into the city, you’ll also see some of the larger shopping malls and department stores.

While it is important to experience the sights and sounds of historic Helsinki, it would be a shame if history lovers did not visit the museums. You can see beautiful artifacts such as the oldest wooden boats or the first Finnish houseboat.

The museums are open all year round, although the Museum of Modern Art is particularly popular with history lovers and enthusiasts who are also into the arts and music. There is also a large public aquarium in Helsinki, which offers a wide range of different species of fish.